About Sarah Anne Davis

sarahprofileWho is this Sarah Anne Davis person, you ask?

She is a mystery, wrapped in secrecy, wrapped in more mystery. And a sweater, because she gets chilly sometimes.

Sarah is a full-time 2D animator and storyboard artist, having worked on such projects as The Tom and Jerry Show, Cyberchase, Doki, FreakTown, Kuu-Kuu Harajuku, Wandering Wenda, and the CBC feature film Pirate’s Passage.

Sarah has a particular interest in storytelling through comics and colourful illustration, and in the fantasy, horror, and sci-fi genres (dinosaurs and monsters being constant subjects of interest). She maintains the fantasy horror online comic The Awakened (when her full-time obligations permit), and is a regular exhibitor at Ottawa Comiccon and Fan Expo.

Sarah graduated with high honours from Sheridan College with a bachelor’s degree in Animation.