New website, at last!

Whoa, a new website!

I’d been depending that ol’ Scarecrow-themed design slapped together for Sheridan’s 2013 Industry Day for faaaar too long now, and as much as I still love scarecrows, it was all based around my thesis film and I’ve experienced¬†so much of this industry since then that it was time for a change.

But also, like, dinosaurs, man. Dinosaurs.

As for what’s happening in my life aside from new websites: I touched on this a little on Twitter and Facebook, but obviously my expected haitus-from-work-with-much-time-for-comic-and-personal-projects only lasted for about a month. But it was for the chance to do something I’ve wanted to do for so long, which is storyboarding. I started on rough boards and have now moved to a full board artist position and I’m having so much fun and learning all the things and am generally super happy.

I know that’s not great news for those waiting for comic updates, but it is giving me additional knowledge in the area of sequential art and storytelling, which I will be able to bring back to my own comic projects.

That said, I’ve been putting whatever time I can squeeze out into my own things. This has mostly been for the convention season thus far, but that’ll soon be coming to an end and then COMICS, hopefully.



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